It can be daunting working with a new coach.  You open yourself up to review and changes; it can be challenging physically and mentally!  I’ve worked with lots of amazing people in coaching, from beginner lifters and people recovering from injuries, right up to elite lifters who are amongst the top in the world.

“I highly recommend Court as a powerlifting coach! I completed a 6-week program with Court in the build up to my first powerlifting competition. This was the first time I have tried powerlifting and Court made sure I was well prepared – from our first meeting right through to comp day.

She always thoroughly explained things to me, from what gear to have and how to use it, the reasons for why she had programmed particular things, how comp day ran, the rules I needed to follow, how to warm up properly, what I needed to do on comp day and the list goes on. She even let me borrow some of her own gear! After each training session I completed, I would send Court a video if I wasn’t with her and she would give me timely and constructive feedback. Court has this ability to remember the smallest details about an athlete’s prior performance, abilities and techniques. Her love for the sport is so motivating and I loved working with her and look forward to more programs she designs for me in the future. Thanks Court!” – Alyce Langendam

“I’ve been lifting for 20 years and competitive powerlifting for the last 5.
I’ve learnt there is only so much you can do yourself until you need to work with other coaches.

Having worked with Court very closely through my last few years into National and International level competitions I can honestly say I can attribute much of my success to the time I have spent with her in assisting my programming, help with my lifting technique, mobility and mindset.

The encouraging and motivating environment she provides helped me to become the best lifter I can be.
I will continue to work with Court and have no problem recommending Court as a coach to other lifters” – Hamish Coulter

“Court has my heartfelt gratitude for the time, effort, support and endless patience that she has extended to me over the last two and a half years.

Court has had an amazing and lasting influence on my life particularly in respect to attaining multiple national and world records in the sport of power lifting and all at the more advanced age of 60 years young.

She is very passionate and has a comprehensive knowledge of her chosen sport and has a great level of understanding and awareness of what being a woman and a power lifter encompasses. She is driven to encourage women of all ages and body types to participate and become stronger – not just physically but also mentally. This of course carries over into everyday life.

Court supplies a supportive environment in which to train and inspires by leading by example.

One of my goals for 2018 is to again (after recovering from back surgery) attend and compete at the GPC world champs and I will be relying on Court’s expertise,  her ability to motivate and her knowledge of training methods and programming to get me there” Lyndsay Cunningham

“If you wanna get stronger she’s the lady to see. When I first started I thought I knew what I was doing till I bombed out on my first comp on all my lifts. But when Court started training me and showing me the right way to do it my numbers kept getting higher and I kept getting stronger 😀  And out of it all I made an awesome mate in the process” – Zane Watling

“Aotearoa Strong is the coolest gym ever, it’s colourful, has a great vibe and is fully equipped with everything someone would need to become strong! The clients and athletes around the gym are awesome and everyone is super friendly. Everyone is happy to help, especially if you are new to powerlifting! Owner of AS Court is a fantastic powerlifting coach who has helped me so much with my lifting and my lifts have improved greatly since being coached by her! Court is supportive, knowledgeable, and super strong. The way she runs her gym shows that! Love training here!!” – Bree Collins

“Cannot rave about Aotearoa Strong enough. Coming from a Person Least Likely To Enjoy The Gym, this has totally changed my attitude and approach. Court is an amazing coach, I’d never tried anything like strength training before and she’s made it so enjoyable. People are friendly and it’s got a fantastic atmosphere. If you’re ever thought about powerlifting, or wondered about it, or just want to try something new, I can’t recommend these guys highly enough.” – Kerry McLeod

“I came to court with a pretty nasty back injury, and on the waiting list to see surgeon. she helped me change my form in squat
bench and dead, helped me master the art of breathing and bracing. I saw the surgeon a few weeks ago and a no operation decision was made. Her programming is dope and i I continue to get stronger every week. I would highly recommend, Thanks court you bloody legend” – Craig Eyre