All the strong things you love with a culture like no other.

Our new Strength Gym is now open at 99 Station Road, Penrose, Auckland. We are fully kitted out for powerlifting and strongman.  Our gym has lots of awesome equipment and on site coaches to help you get stronger.  We run group classes, introductory courses to lifting, powerlifting comps; as well as seminars with top specialists, physios and lifters.

Aotearoa Strong is more than just a gym, it’s a culture; stronger in body, stronger in mind, stronger in community.

Meet our coach!

You can check out our one on one coaching options here.


3 Monolifts – all with Okie Squat Bars

3 Competition Bench Presses – 3 Okie power bars and 2 Valhalla Strength power bars

3 Deadlift Platforms all with Deadlift jacks, 2 Valhalla Strength deadlift bars and an Okie deadlift bar

Solid Strength Pulling blocks and Boxes.

GetStrength adjustable Squat Box.

Metal Athletics Crossfit Rig with 4 stations, gymnastic rings and a ton of places to do pullups, chinups, etc.

Dumbbells from 1kg – 70kg

Kustom Kit calibrated powerlifting plates

Ivanko calibrated powerlifting plates

Tons and tons of plates.

Specialty bars: Giant Cambered bar, Safety Squat bar, Axles, Trap Deadlift bars, curl bars.

Glute Ham Raise

Incline Bench Press

Seat, flat, incline, decline benches

Machines: Leg Press, cable crossover, seated row, lat pulldown, pec deck/rear delt, lying hamstring curl, individual leg extension machine, T-Bar row

Medicine balls

Atlas Stone, Tyres, farmers walk, steel log, loadable circus dumbbell, sleds, battle rope.

Mobility: foam rollers, tons of bands, balls, spiky balls, etc.

Pretty much the full range of Slingshots and hip circles for gym use