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The Spud Inc short ab strap was designed with versatility in mind.

The short ab strap can be used for crunches on a cable machine, or many other exercises such as: triceps extensions, cable curls, pulldowns, and even cable rows. If you want to get one attachment for a cable machine to do as much as possible, then the short ab strap is the way to go.

The Spud Inc short ab strap is traditional in all aspects except strength and durability. The super webbing we make our products out of guarantees that the short ab strap will never wear out.

Your gym probably has a rope attachment with the chunky rubber ends, mine does.  This short strap replaces that rope attachment.  I find the rope difficult to hold well, because of the size of it my wrists are forced in a position that I find really uncomfortable.  Not to mention that they aren’t really clean that often and can be a bit gross when it’s close to your face :/ The fabric loops of this strap allow for an easier grip and more variation on wrist position.  I recommend giving this a go if you’re like me and struggle with a comfortable wrist position for push downs/face pulls/weighted crunches or you just want your own strap to add some variation to your training!


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