Chur! Leather Deadlift Slippers – IPF Approved




They are finally here!  CHUR!

Full leather, epic fit, deadlift slipper, NZ designed – CHUR is right.

And for a sweet price too, it’s how we roll.


  • Get yo’self closer to the floor.
  • Get yo’self more aware of what’s going on with your feet when you drive your deadlift from the floor.
  • Get yo’self a bigger more bad ass deadlift.


Also sumo tested for zero slip (unless you’re deadlifting on a smooth wooden platform and if you are, then stop ’cause it’s not a good idea!).

These are legal for use in GPC, IPL, WP and IPF.

When sizing, please MEASURE your foot, these are not standard sizes.  Also remember that you have to wear a knee high deadlift sock so if in doubt, go up a size.


Size chart:

Size 36 – 23cm overall length

Size 37 – 24cm overall length

Size 38 – 25cm overall length

Size 39 – 26cm overall length

Size 40 – 27cm overall length

Size 41 – 28cm overall length

Size 42 – 29cm overall length

Size 43 – 30cm overall length

Size 44 – 31cm overall length


Black leather upper, black suede sole.  Sold as a pair.

We accept exchanges provided they aren’t worn and are still in the packaging.

Additional information


36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44


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