Pink Reactive Sling Shot®


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Want to increase your bench and play around with heavier weights?  And look fabulous at the same time?  Ahhh yeah I think so!

A Sling Shot is easy to use and a heap of fun.  You can add weight to your bench and also still bench despite the pesky injuries you might have.

The Reactive Sling Shot is the most versatile.  You can load up to around 10% over your max as well as use it for lighter weights.

Putting it on is simple, you pop your arms into the sleeves and pull it up over your elbow/upper arm and then off you go, bench for your life!  You can also utilize it for push ups and dips!

We stock 3 sizes, S/M, Large and XL.

S/M: under 63kgs

Large: 63-82kgs

XL: 83-100kgs

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S/M, L, XL


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