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The Spud Inc strap loading pin is designed to be used with the Spud Inc Belt Squat Belt.

Load plates onto this pin and hook it onto your belt squat belt for the leg pump of your dreams.  This belt squat hack was first shown to me by Max Aita and it’s going to become a staple in my training; a quick and easy set up for all the leg gains and you know leg gains equals squat gains.  This set up takes the pressure off your back so you still train legs without the extra workload for your back.

It can also be used for weighted pull ups, dips etc.

Available in 18″.  This is sold separately to the Belt Squat Belt.

Can be attached using a carabiner to a dip belt or other belt if you don’t have a Belt Squat Belt at the ready, although this set up can be super uncomfortable and it’s difficult to get the belt into the correct position.


Made in the USA.

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12", 18"


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