Did ya buy something that doesn’t fit?  Or maybe you don’t like the colour?  Read on to find out what to do!

Everything I sell is warrantied, the periods are set by the manufacturers and it’s noted in the description for each item.  If you have something that is faulty you need to hit me up via email, provide me your info so I can look up the purchase and send me some pics so I can see what’s going on.  Email: court@aotearoastrong.co.nz

Don’t be shy!  If you bought something and it’s gone kaputz and you didn’t do anything crazy to it, then I will do my best to sort it out for ya!

I will replace anything if it’s within it’s warranty time period, as long as the reason for the fault is reasonable.  Reasonable things are like levers breaking accidentally, knee sleeves splitting down the seam, elastic coming out from the sewn join.  Unreasonable things are levers getting smashed onto the gym floor and breaking, knee sleeves that are too small splitting up the seam, elastic that has been mistreated and has been damaged as a result.

If you’ve changed your mind, I get it.  I am happy to accommodate you as best I can!  So, if you want to swap size or colour that is cool.  You need to send me back the goods and I will send you back the item you want to swap it for.  You must pay for the return shipping, you can either pop the monies into the return bag, or you can transfer it into the AS account.  Please send your swapsie item via tracked courier.  I am not responsible for lost returned goods or goods that are damaged in the return courier trip.  You are welcome to return your goods for a credit if you don’t want to swap them for something, no refunds will be given on change of mind stuff tho, sorry.

Here are the important things to note regarding returning stuff:

You have 7 days to get in touch to let me know you want to swap something.  The item you are returning needs to be back to me within 10 working days from your purchase.  Often I will take out of stock the item you want to swap it for, so you don’t miss out, but in doing this I miss out on selling what you have to return to me, so please don’t dilly dally 🙂

Nothing that has been worn will be swapped and nothing that isn’t in it’s original undamaged packaging either.

If your item is faulty and I can’t replace it on the spot, I will either refund you or offer you the option to wait until I am restocked (I restock frequently and would give you a date for delivery from overseas almost to the day).

I will make your exchanging as easy breezy as I can, I know it can be a real pain.  But, please be respectful of the fact that I have to resell your returned goods and I don’t want to get into an awkward situation where I can’t help you so please don’t try to pull a swifty on me 🙂

As always, I’m easily reached via email, court@aotearoastrong.co.nz so if you’re wanting to chat about an exchange, please get in touch.