Nose Tork


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The Nose Tork to rival it all.

This is a long lasting bottle of one of the most brutal inhalants on the market.  If anything is going to psych you up, this will be it.  We are talking eye-watering, holy moly PR smashing nose tork, NOT for the faint of heart, or nose.  This stuff packs a real punch.

One of the most sought after nose torks in the bizo, you can finally get this in Aotearoa!

Please please open carefully and use with caution, I’m not even kidding, I’ve seen strong men with tears streaming down their faces after getting an unexpected whiff of this stuff!  Gently peal the seal back, only a little, and hold at arms length until you feel comfortable knowing what you’re about to encounter.

Screw the lid on tight when not in use to keep it as fresh as possible, even between whiffs, screw the lid back on!  You don’t want this getting all through your gym bag.

THIS IS STRONGER THAN AMMONIA!  If you’re new to inhalants I recommend starting yourself out with a pack of Ammonia Caps.

Please use responsibly.


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